Dear International School Recruiters,

Thank you for visiting my electronic portfolio, here, at my personal website.                
I originally created this website when I owned a small early childhood program in the
United States.  I personally designed, and recently edited, this website so that
international recruiters and principals may learn more about me and my broad
range of experience within the field of education.  

Please read and peruse the site further.  Some personal content may be hidden,
but it is available on the application materials which have been sent to you.

Thank you for considering my application.

Ahzea Linda Makhubu
Elementary Teacher


I possess a broad range of experience in early childhood settings and the elementary classroom.
Upon completing my student teaching abroad in South Africa, I returned to the United States,
where I opened a small early childhood program with an active presence within the community.
Hyde Park Development Center held community events and upheld a reputation for providing
high-quality care and education to students two to five years of age. Next, I taught early childhood
within established centers, including Christopher House, where I completed additional student
teaching. I then went on to open my own early childhood program once again. Green Pre-school
was founded based on my personal health and wellness values as well as today's best practices
in early childhood education.

I am proud to have accomplished the dreams I have set forth for myself. Being a successful
entrepreneur twice in my life took determination and discipline.
Teaching at an international
in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia had long been a dream of mine, and accepting the opportunity,
once it arose, was the best decision of my life. After gaining valuable teaching experience and
immersing myself in the culture of Ethiopia for the past four years,
I now seek new challenges
and the opportunity to grow as a teacher within a new school.

I take pride in my talent and skills as a teacher, and I love witnessing children’s inquiry and
development. As a
life-long learner myself, I understand that students must be motivated to learn
and actively construct their knowledge. I appreciate Robert Marzano's education research,
particularly his correlation of the
quality of teacher-student relationships to classroom
management and children’s learning outcomes. My chief strengths as a teacher lie in my ability to
relate to students and to manage the classroom effectively.  
Motivating students comes natural
to me; I notice their successes and build on them
through praise and scaffolding. My approach
classroom management is positive, as I treat students in a gentle, respectful manner, get to
know them personally, and uphold high expectations.  Activating their prior
schemata before
beginning a new topic helps their brain form connections to what they already know before
expanding on their knowledge.  

I have independently studied today's leading teaching practices, such as the Primary Years
Programme, the Lucy Calkins Reading and Writing Workshop, Common Core, and Assessment
for Learning. I particularly admire Lucy Calkins and the value she places on children’s writing.
She encourages her students to read their own writing with the utmost diligence, as if it were
“golden.” I am adept at implementing any curriculum a school has chosen, as I understand that
the resources were developed based on research and with the students’ best interests at heart.
look forward to implementing these and other teaching strategies within my next classroom.

Green Pre-school

Green Pre-school is an ecoconscious early childhood program specializing in providing full and
part-time child care and education for children ages six weeks to three-years.  We serve freshly
prepared organic, vegetarian meals and conduct environmentally friendly cleaning practices.  Our
classroom environment and pedagogical approach is Reggio inspired, a theoretical framework
from Italy based on the utmost value for children and families.

Parent testimonials from the good, old days at Green Pre-school...

“We are so happy we found Green Pre-school! Our three-year-old daughter is thriving in this
peaceful and engaging environment. She is a shy kid who gradually warmed up to the idea of
being dropped off and picked up at an unfamiliar location. Now she loves it, and loves Ms. Ahzea.
She is also quite attached to the other children and caregivers. It is such a pleasure to get emails
from Ms. Ahzea updating us about the activities and fun they have during the day, complete with
photos. We feel that Green Pre-school will offer much-needed stability and comfort to our
daughter as she transitions to a traditional preschool in the fall.”

“The more I get to know Ms. Ahzea and her space the happier I've been. She has been so patient
and loving with my son, who is on the fussier side; often spending hours holding him and
working with him to relax. I really feel like we were working together to get him through his tough
stage. Even with older children around she somehow manages to devote the necessary attention
to each one. I have been impressed with how well thought out her weekly lessons are, even for
the little ones like my son. Her approach is Reggio inspired and her space is bright, cheerful, and
clean. Some of the activities she brings out are ingenious. Though we haven't been able to take
advantage of it yet, she also prepares healthy organic meals and snacks for the older children. My
older daughter who attends a nearby Montessori school, immediately warmed to Ms. Ahzea  and
wanted to spend more time with her and in her space, which I took as an excellent sign that my
son will continue to thrive there as he gets older.”

  • Organic vegetarian meals

  • Green cleaning practices

  • Infants through 3+ years of age

  • Specializing in full & part-time care

  • Reggio inspired classroom design and teaching principles

  • Small class size (8 children), continuity of care, & mixed age grouping

  • Licensed to provide MusicTogether preschool classes       

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                             for events, announcements, and Green living tips!

Consider Green Pre-school for your child...

*Did you know that Green Pre-school provides the gentle, loving care which an in-home nanny
would provide, yet with the stimulation and social benefits associated with spending time with
other children?

*Did you know that Green Pre-school provides a smaller class size (eight children) than the
local day care centers (12 to 15 children per class)?  

*Did you know that Green Pre-school provides organic meals necessary for optional growth
and development, including whole grains, fresh fruit and vegetables, and organic
dairy/non-dairy milk?

(Green Pre-school is now closed.  Thanks for the memories!)
What I want recruiters to know about me:

1. I love children and I love teaching!
2. I have just begun submitting applications to my
top-choice schools this month, February 2019.
3. I am seeking an elementary teaching position within a
top-ranked school, where I can simultaneously make an
impact on the children and develop my teaching practice.